X factor in plant wellbeing is here!

Regeneration of the Earth

At least a century old practice Vermiculture, is now being revived worldwide with diverse ecological objectives for sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.  NutriMix products value add to high quality vermicasts produced naturally.

Worldwide agriculture is undergoing important changes in a response to climate, social and economic pressures to safeguard the environment for future generations.
Vermiculture and the production of quality grade vermicasts as the basis to NutriMix  granules, pellets and fertigation blocks is a unique integration of modern engineering, scientific and management practices with natural processes – to create a highly efficient, cost effective and flexible solution to new agricultural practices as well as the restoration and preservation of our environment.

Adding Value

Offering a proven solution to the global challenges of sustainable resource use and adding value in agriculture, industrial and municipal business sectors, NutriMix (Pty) Ltd is committed to provide organically certified products that are both beneficial to the environment and to its customers.
NUTRI-X™ Range – ‘The X Factor in Plant Wellbeing™

The Nutri-XTM range of organic products and fertilizers re-introduces bio-organisms to the soil and plant root systems.  Soil that has been degraded, or destroyed benefits from these bio-organisms and the growth potential of plants is enhanced, and the soil biota restored.


The product contains soluble bio-available nutrients and micro-nutrients for promoting growth in plants. In addition the product contains:


  • bio-stimulants which facilitate the growth of beneficial soil micro-organisms
  • growth hormones and enzymes that improve seed germination
  • beneficial soil bacteria and enzymes that function as natural pest repellents



Uses and Application

Nutri-XTM comes in three forms:


Suitable for use as a top dressing for lawns, turf grasses, flower beds and vegetable gardens.


This organic fertilizer is for use in dispensing and irrigation systems.


Bags are suitable for keeping cut flowers fresh, for indoor and pot plants.


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